Help returning to Windows 7 Home after failed Ultimate upgrade

I purchased a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate at an auction. I subsequently installed it on one of my computers and everything went well. Not knowing that I could only install it on one computer I then installed it on my other computer. Everything was running well for a few days and now I keep getting a message that Windows 7 cannot activate. I don't want to purchase another copy of Ultimate and want to return to the original OS - Windows 7 Home that was preloaded on my Dell computer when I bought it.

I tried to do a system restore to the date that I installed the Ultimate but it didn't work. Ultimate is still running. Do I have to do a complete reinstall from my backup recovery disks and return to square one from when my computer was new or is there something I can do to stop getting the activation error code.

If I have to return to square one and reload from my recovery disks, I will, but I am trying to get around having to go through all that work, as well as the many, many, updates I will have to wait through. I am also worried about having to reinstall all of my software, addresses, etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Joe S

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Part of the question depends on what type you bought. I think full Retail is the only one that is transferable.OEM versions are locked to the pc you install it on. You may need to call MS to transfer. Unless you made an image before you installed Ultimate you'll probably have to use the recovery set.

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