Windows 7 [HELP] Running games on NEW Laptop Windows 7 64 Bit

Hi guys. I am totally new to Windows 7 so I need some guidance. I've recently gotten a new laptop, and I tried installing Steam and its games(Half Life 2, CS: Source etc.) and Spore. Steam is fine, but all the games show me a black screen or hangs after the Valve head logo. So I have to hard reboot my comp. I've read several threads about compatibility issues and tried click 'Properties' and 'Run in compatibility' but to no avail. Could someone please help me out here?

Windows 7 64 Bit
Intel i5-520M 2.4ghz
Geforce GT 335M
4gb DDR3


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Personally I have no issues with STEAM on my Win7 x64 (beyond the usual pets hates such as terrible online matching service and laggy servers) the only thing I did was enable Admin mode on the shortcut properties, if the games are failing it's far more likely the blame falls squarely on the video unit or it's drivers.

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