Help Setup modem's Firewall in Sync with BitDefender or Norton Firewall


Everyone knows you get what you pay for and this not a direct criticism on Windows Firewall, but recent studies have shown free paid products such AVG Antivirus and Windows Firewall have been hacked more often then other.

My setup:

* Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit
* Norton Internet Security 2012
* Billion 7800NL wireless modem/router

Q1: Is default settings in the Norton Internet security sufficient enough?

Q2: How do i control my PC (my pc that connects to internet using adsl+2 my own ip address with the 2 dns servers that my isp provided)? Like how do i setup the firewall just to monitor my pc and allow access only to my pc and prevent hacking and password stealing attempts.

Products have advertise two-way firewall, prevent hacking, secure your online data, make your online shopping safe, etc....

Q3: How do i secure online shopping and make my internet secure and help secure my online banking and try to prevent hackers from hacking in and stealing my online passwords?

Q4: In the Billion 7800NL do i need NAT virtual servers and ALG and DMZ host? I only have 1 PC, i don't know how that would help me. I don't even know what all that stuff means.

Do i need it?

Q5: In the Billion 7800NL Security ---> Packet Filter... i don't know what to block. I do want protection.

Q6: In Wireless security section what encryption is best suited for protection in today's internet shark infested ocean?

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