HELP! unrecoverable, Desktop Crashing

As soon as i log in, after the password prompt, i get to the desktop, th usual programs start, but then the Desktop just Stops, not stops responding and quits, the whole thing just STOPS!!! and the fans in my computer all just go to minimum, the exact moment it freezes!!!!
im running Win 7 64-Bit
and it is not an OC problem. i tried the solution for that.
Motherboard: X58A-UD5
CPU: i7 950 @ 4.2 GHZ
GFX: GeForce 8800 GTS 512, not my normal card, normal Gigabyte GTX 460 SOC
RAM: Patriot Sector 7 RAM 1600 MHZ
CoolerMaster Scout Case


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Welcome to the forums :)
Check the event logs for any possible events related to the problem (specifically those labeled "kernel")

Could it be an overheating problem? You may need to clean dust out of your heatsink/other areas of your PC.
Post back :)

Definetly not an temp problem, just software, im running a GFX card i was not initially running its in RMA, could that cause the problem, also i need a bit of info how to use the event logs, but i probs cant cause it gives me like 25 seconds from logging to STOP!


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Safe Mode?

Type eventvwr.msc in the Start Menu

safe mode works, but what am i going to do with it, uninstalled new programs, reinstalled the VGA drivers, AAAHHHRRGG this is annoying….


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If you're not getting BlueSOD's, if you can somehow download DriverView and run it in safe mode, save and attach the .txt file list. We may be able to help if you've got any driver problems.

i used system restore, restored to latest stable boot.
its fine now.


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Way To Go!!!!! :ying:


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i used system restore, restored to latest stable boot.
its fine now.
Thanks for following up on the problem and posting the solution that worked for you.
I hope you enjoyed using :), see you around!

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