HELP: Upgrading from Windows XP SP3 to Windows 7. Advice needed

Last week, I went a head and installed 7; after backing up my data files and was set for the move. The installation appeared to have went smoothly. I chose to install via the downloadable file; as I am waiting for the backup media that will arive by Monday. After installing Windows 7 over XP Pro SP3, I ran into a minor difficulty. Thankfully, my ATI driver was still on my C:. The same goes for the old programs that I chose to not re install.

It seems Windows 7 simply did an upgrade rather than a clean install. Isn't this what's supposed to happen? I was originally going to ask, "Dods it make sense to still do a clean install?" I'd still like to know. My system now has a more updated graphic card (GeoForce 6200) PCI and is working like a beaut! I'd appreciate any input on this. Thanks in advance!


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If you did not choose to format your drive during the installation then your old files are probably located on your drive in a folder called Windows.old
To upgrade your PC from Windows XP to Windows 7, you'll need to select the Custom option during Windows 7 installation. A custom installation doesn't preserve your programs, files, or settings. It's sometimes called a "clean" installation for that reason.
During Windows 7 installation, if you don't format the partition, files that were used in Windows XP are stored in the Windows.old folder. The type of files in this folder depends on your computer.
SOURCE: Upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 - Help & How-to - Microsoft Windows. This is a 6 page five step walkthrough of the upgrade process from XP to Win7 and an explanation for getting rid of the Windows.old folder in on the last page using the disk cleanup method, once you are positive you have everything off from your old install that you need (data / docs, images, email, music, etc.,).

I thankfully must have missed the "format C:" option. I said thainkfully because I had trouble with getting my old ATI Radeon graphic driver to install. By having the old one that's still on my C:, I was able to resolve the issue. Currently, I am using a GeoForce 6200 PCI card and no longer need the ATI Catalyst driver.

I will check out that site, in a bit. Thanks.

Ok. I did a Disk Clean up and it not only removed the old Windows stuff; it also eliminated my old and unwanted Macromedia apps. :) This is good. I really was not looking forward to doing a complete reinstall of Windows 7 + all my apps.


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Good news, always glad to hear when something works out well. Thanks for updating your thread with this information and we hope to continue to see you around the forums.
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