Windows 7 Help Us To Help You By Filling In Your System Specs.


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Mar 5, 2010
Please fill in your Computer Specs under My Profile using Settings > Edit Profile > scroll down to Operating System:. Finally Save Changes.

This would be a great help to other Forum Members who are trying to troubleshoot your problems.

If you are unsure of your specs., you can download and run Speccy which will help you with the main details.

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Helpful things to fill in would be:

Operating system and whether it is 32bit (x86) or 64bit (x64),
Which Service Pack,
Motherboard Mfr. and model number,
CPU Type and Speed,
BIOS Version,
Memory (RAM) Mfr. and model number,
Video Card Type and Speed,
Power Supply Unit (PSU) Mfr. and Wattage.

If it's a pre-built system or laptop/notebook, the Mfr. and model number would also certainly come in very handy.

This will help to take some of the guesswork out of analysing your problems.

This is a never ending problem. People shout "Help my computer does... or doesn't" but they don't give info. I must admit, I've been there and done it. Not blaming anyone, and openly admitting I'm not an expert to understand all info given, it still is crucial.
This instruction thread as to how to post your system specs needs to be updated as it is inaccurate now due to the major forum upgrade.

Totally agree....I just wish we had the specs under the users avatar, like we once did.
I know a link can be added under your avatar that will reveal your system specs.
Other xenforo forums that I belong to have it configured that way.
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