help!!! vista not loading


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i have a problem with vista not loading...i turned the computer off last night without any problems with the computer, but when i turned it on this morning i noticed it took a little longer than usual to load. when it finally did load, windows didnt, it just comes up with a black screen and for some reason my documents folder pops up. u can still navigate through that and bring everything up like control panel, internet and so on fine....i done a system check and it says its running norton expired just 3-4 days ago so theres a chance that maybe its a virus???not sure though seems like some vista failure. any help would be appreciated thanks...


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Did you remove the expired norton?

yes............past experience has shown that it is better to uninstall security software that has expired or you intend not to renew.
I have past memories of security software that was not getting renewed appearing to "upset" the normal operation of my rig.


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i found another post with a similar problem which suggested to use the system restore, which actually worked...and thanx for the heads up, i will delete the norton antivirus im not using. i went for the AVG antivirus, its free and suppose to be pretty good so ill see how i go with that.

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