HELP ! Windows 7 taking unwanted images and storing them in my Pictures Library

I have noticed that my computer is taking images from the internet and saving them in my 'Pictures Library'. I have also noticed that most of the images saved are from websites I have visited. There are hundreds and hundreds of these images stored in my Picture Library folders. I need to know how to remove them and how to stop the programme that's creating them in the first place. I am completely stumped about how to sort this out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated before I lose all my hair ( as I'm tearing it out ! ) Thanks in advance.



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Do you see anything in common with the pictures or the Websites they come from?

If you open Pictures, on the top it shows how many locations are included in that library. If you have not added any more folders, it should only be Your User pictures and Public pictures. It sounds like one of the Temporary folders has been added to your Pictures library...

thanks . I found four locations in my Pictures library and deleted 2 of them. The images I did not want to see are gone. Cheers.


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