Windows 7 Help with a couple games...


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Computer is locking up completely in several games. I am unable to ctrl-alt-del and have to power off and back on in order to get it to work again. I am having this issue with Sacred 2, and World In Conflict: Soviet Assault.

The odd thing that is throwing me off is that I do not have this issue playing Crysis Warhead which leads me to believe it is not heat related.

I run all of these games with max settings, but have tried with lower settings and have the same problem. I also recently updated to the newest EVGA driver and that didnt fix it. In addition, I considered maybe needing to bump up voltages on the ram a bit, (not overclocked) and that has had no affect.

Typically the issue happens within 20 minutes of play, and at one point I thought I fixed it as I had no issues for over an hour, but then it did it again.

I am at a loss for any other options and would GREATLY appreciate some help...

Forgot to mention, the version of windows is 64bit
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What's your setup?
Edit: hehe... never mind I just noticed your icon :p. I've had similar problems with certain games when I had an Nvidia 7800. The game would lock or bluescreen during gameplay. I solved this by disabling fast write on my board in bios. Though this was more of a work around then an actual solution and may only work with AGP cards. Haven't had this issue with my new system though.
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mmmm try to reset the bios to the default settings, this worked with a friends machine that was having a lot of problems with their video-mobo-sound in win 7 and vista =S