help with a file eraser and skype


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firstly running 64bit windows 7 rc fully updated.

hey guys, i cant find a file eraser that works in windows 7 has anyone found one. i tried several including eraser my old fave. non would install, i got the beta of eraser to install at least but that wont work.

ccleaner does work but its just to much hassle for individual files. i want the right click erase funtionality of eraser if possible.


i used to use the vosky call center the drivers for this have allways been flakey at best so i gave up with that and decided just to buy a simple usb phone instead. the one i went for came with skype mate on a disc and no drivers.
skype mate has installed fine, but windows wont install or reconise any of my skype usb phones ive tried any ideas on this front.

thanks very much.

if it matters ive suffered no other problems really as yet. and everything else seems so far so good. it can be a bit slow at times and feels like it almost stutters exspecialy if its been left a few minutes then you try to use it again.

intel quad core @ 3.4ghz
2 gig ram
1tb samsung
asus pk5 board

thanks guys

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