help with changing from dual boot to single boot

I have Vista installed on my c: drive and windows 7 is installed on another drive ans K:
My system dual boots with 7 as the main system. I want to make windows 7 become my C: drive with no dual boot. I also would like to make the vista drive able to be seen in windows 7 so that I may transfer stuff that I want to the windows 7 drive...Is this possible and how can it be done....I am sorry if this has already been answered but I have tried searches on the forums with no avail....thank you


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You could change the drive letters via 'computer management', 'storage' and then 'disk management' (see screenshot).
Then for your boot options try this free app: Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 - An advanced GUI application that makes it easy to modify the Windows Vista bootloader and the entries in it - Softpedia

I know it says vista but it should work fine for 7

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If I understand correctly, the boot drive has to be disk 0. I am not sure how your system is set up, but if the K: drive is not set up to be disk 0, you may need to do that by changing the order in the bios. Not completely sure about this, so maybe kemical will know.

Well, I re-read you post and since you are already booting from K:, I suppose you are ok in that area.

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