Windows 7 help with graphic please

hi im new to the fourm, im running

windows 7 ultimate 32bit
AMD opteron processer 146 (this got 3.9 system rating)
149.0 GB Harddrive (this got 5.7 system rating)
Asus EN9500GT 1GB Graphics card (this got 6.2 system rating)
1.00 GB Ram (this got 4.5 system rating)
asus a8v-vm se motherboard

and i cant seem to get the frame rate right on games, example colin mcrae 05 the graphics are crap!! and the fsp jumps like a frog when you go round corners, i have the drivers set up for the graphics card and so on, aero is enabled so i cant get my head round it! is there any programs out there that can clean up the fps to be faster or auto tune my pc for the grpahics side of things or does my pc need upgrading anywhere?

many thanks Damon



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clearly the CPu is bottlenecking performance, but aside from that the only way your gonna bopst ingame performance is by using the best availabe drivers and disabling many of windows pretty win7 basic profile instead of aero for example, and turning off any background tasks you don't need to free up ram.

You may find adding more ram is the simplest fix for the issues, personally gaming on less than 2gb on vista/win7 is going to be twitchy.

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