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    Hi - can anyone offer any advice please? I'm probably missing something really simple so I'm prepared to be embarrassed!:redface:

    I have no problems viewing images on general sites etc but as soon as I do an image search in Google or Bing none of the thumbnails display - just get the good old red crosses in the corner. I've checked Advanced settings in Internet Options and they seem optimum - show pictures etc, tried with all security switched off - no change. I added Google and Bing images to trusted sites and that worked for about half the thumbnails on the displayed pages - once. Next time I went there, nada. I've tried with compatability view on and off. Individual right clicks on the thumnails don't allow them to be viewed either. Have cleared the cache etc. I have this on 2 PC both running PRC 7100 (you should be able to see the build of the main PC - I made it viewable in my profile :razz:).

    I'm sure I'm missing something - apologies in advance if it's really simple and I missed it!

    (There's a funny thing about compatibility view - since an update to IE8 - [this one: "Update for Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View List for Windows 7 Release Candidate (KB971930) - Installation date: ‎24/‎06/‎2009 00:30 - Installation status: Successful - Update type: Recommended] - the Compatibility View button has disappeared - Compatibility Settings can still be reached via tools but 'Compatibility View' is greyed out permanently)
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