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    I am working on a shop machine and my employer is insisting on having four hard drives installed running Jbod (I have argued for two days about this and got nowhere) the problem is I can get Windows to recognize three of the four, one system and two running Jbod, the fourth is nowhere to be found.

    I have checked the disk manager, reformatted the fourth and gone through mordor to get it running but it will not. I firmly believe that my mother board only supports three hdd and I need confirmation from the community that Windows should support what I'm doing.

    I am running:

    TA790GX A2+
    AMD Phenom 9850 quad
    8 gig RAM
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit

    I currently have a
    500gb WD
    2* 2Tb WD
    and the fourth is
    2Tb WD

    Thanks for the help

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