Help with "Not Responding" problem with laptop.

a few days ago my laptop started to act weird. Programs would be slow to start up and i would get not responding errors on most programs for a few seconds and then the program would run normally but whenever i click on something in the program or do anything else it would not respond for a few seconds and go back to normal. It even hangs when i try to exit the program it would just sit there for a few seconds then it would finally close out. For example, In Firefox whenever i would click on a link or open a new tab/page it would freeze for a couple of seconds and then go back to normal. Scrolling up and down on pages would freeze it and pressing icons. This is happening in Windows Explorer also. I will attempt to open a folder or access a drive and i will get the blue spinning wheel for a couple of seconds then I would be able to access the folder or drive. I use to be able to access things instantly and open and close programs with ease. This has not happened before and i was wondering if i could get some help.

Things i have tried: Clean Installation, Full system scan on Norton, CCCleaner, Defragmenting the HD. Installing the Latest Drivers, Looking at Event Logger, Looking at Task Manager, Clean Boot, Safe Mode. None of these things worked.

My Laptop: Hp Pavilion g7-1070us, Intel core i3 at 2.53ghz, 4gb ram, Intel HD graphics 3000.

All i do is browse the web, watch video's and run basic applications.

EDIT: Ok now it seems that these problems appear to have gone away. But i still have the issue of Clicking on any links or anything in Firefox and it will stop responding and go back to normal in about 2-3 seconds or it will be very slow. This usually happens when im typing, the browser will freeze and i wont be able to type for a few seconds then it will revert back to normal. The same will happen in any other program. If i click on anything in the program it will stop responding for a second and revert back to normal. This only happens sometimes now. Same with Video Playback. If i try to go to some point in the video/movie it will freeze and take about 1-5 seconds to get to the point i specified it to go to. Those are the only issues im having problems with now.

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