help with win 7 and truecrypt

i need help from who ever is the most experienced guy on here with a program called truecrypt. i am using win 7 7229 x64, and have painted myself into a corner with truecrypt.
i don't want to put the details out in the open, so PLEASE, anyone who has good experience with using tryecrypt with win 7, please pm me. thanks.

well, since i received very little response, i decided to list the actual problem. maybe someone will see it and know what to do.

ok, so my plan was to put a 100 gig encrypted file on my 1 tb external hard drive, with a 90 gig hidden container inside of it. but as i was creating it, the program defaulted a file name that was extremely evident that it was an encrypted file, so i just ran my fingers over the keyboard to make a file name that looked like a system file (most sys file name's look like jiberish to people who are not programers), thinking that as long as i kept up with my password, it would work fine. however, after finalizing everything, it turns out that the file name is also hidden, and i have no idea what that file name is. so i can't choose the file to be mounted. and when i try to do an automount, it doesn't find the container. so i need some way of finding out what the file name is, so i can mount it and change it to something i can remember. i didn't read anywhere that truecrypt hides the file as well, or of course i would not have put a name that i am not familiar with. so is there a way through win 7, or through truecrypt to find out what i actually named that file?

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I believe that Truecrypt may not work under Windows 7,

You should do some research on a particular 3rd party program before using it . I would perform an Internet search to see if others using Truecrypt on Windows 7 are having any issues.

Also Windows 7 has the built-in Bitlocker protection.

i did this research before loading it. everything i read said that truecrypt works well with windows 7, and hasn't shown any problems. i haven't had any problems, other than not knowing that the file is hidden as well as the info in it. i just need to find that file name.
doesn't win 7 have a way of recalling any file that you have worked with in the last 10 to 15 files?


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Unfortunately Windows Search is quite limited.

Try Powerdesk and use the File Finder.

It's an excellent Explorer alternative as well.

On the Details tab, you have these choices of Dates:

Not Between

I've used TrueCrypt in the past. Worked well.

I changed to PGP Desktop. Excellent program and works well in Windows 7.

Good Luck

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