Help with Windows 7 Hard Drive Crash

Well, I installed windows 7 and right then and there I noticed something was wrong. My DVD+RW drive was not in My Computer. Since I barely ever used my DVD-RW drive, I figured that it wouldn't matter that much. Turns out I was wrong-
Later on that day, I had been installing Alcohol 120 to mount a virtual image I made a while back of Starcraft. I restarted my computer mid installation because Alcohol 120 wanted me to, and I did. Since then, when I try to load the operating system of Windows 7, it would be in the "Starting Windows" screen and I would shortly see the orbs that would come together, before ultimately my computer would restart with no error message or anything. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate.
Also, I had this operating system crash before and I reinstalled XP with my Windows XP Professional disc, but now that my DVD-RW drive isn't shown, EVEN IN THE BOOT MENU, I can't do anything. I have had the repair tool thing that starts up when it crashes going, but even that couldn't seem to fix the problem. Please help me Q_Q

I tried booting from safe mode before and the same thing happens. I'll try it with networking though. Are you sure it's the sptd.sys that Alcohol creates?

Edit: Just tried it, and it restarted when it tried to load something after CLASSPMP.sys

Edit2: Also, could you possibly explain the DVD-RW drive problem? You explained the restart problem, but not the DVD-RW drive problem

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Have you been able to boot to normal mode at all yet?

No, I haven't been at all. Currently I'm using a laptop with nearly the same specs as my computer.

This sounds like two separate issues to me. Windows 7 has a feature called "Hide Empty Drives in Computer Folder" that is on by default and drove me nuts until I found where to turn it off, because it won't show cd/dvd drives until you actually insert a disk. Go to Windows Explorer, activate the menu bar if it isn't, and under tools/folder options, on the view tab, find and uncheck the "hide empty drives in computer folder" option.

If you are still getting stuck in a continuous reboot mode, try booting from the installation dvd, and run the "Repair My Computer" option. It is fairly intuitive if you read the on-screen instructions thoroughly, and SHOULD return your Windows 7 OS to a bootable condition.

The thing is though, even if I put the install CD in to run a repair, it still doesn't work with either of my cd rom drives. It just skips over where I would normally press a button to boot from cd. If I press F11 for boot options and go into the subsection CD, it says No CD-Rom drive is detected. Neither of the 2 I have are there. I've played around with the bios to get it to possibly work but it still continues not to.

What is the make and model of your motherboard? Type and version of the BIOS?
If you have DVD/CD drives, and not just CD drives, did these ever work in this machine? Do these drives work in any other machines? Are they IDE or SATA? If IDE, are they properly configured for Master/Slave or Cable Select? Is the IDE controller enabled in the BIOS? Is the boot sequence set correctly in the BIOS, so that it looks at the DVD/CD drive first? In the case of IDE you will ONLY be able to boot from the Master drive, not the Slave.

Have you tried booting from a bootable XP CD? If that works, your original Windows 7 installation media from Microsoft may be corrupted. Side note: XP installation media was the last to come on CD, Vista and 7 installation media is DVD.

Another possibility is to use (if available) the USB boot feature on an external USB DVD drive, and boot from that. Depending on your BIOS, it may recognize it as a CD/DVD boot device, or a USB boot device.

I took apart my computer and finally figured out that "OH ****!" my DVD-RW drive was disconnected from the motherboard, as well as my other one for some reason. Also, with the messed up operating system, the problem was Alcohol 120 not being compatible with Windows 7. I have now fixed the problem, and am now typing on the computer that was messed up. I installed Windows XP and it's going just fine, and I even have Alcohol 120 installed and have restarted a few times after for other installations like my Anti-Virus and such.

Thank you guys for the help! <3

Also, I wanted to do that with the USB boot but my USB drive wasn't big enough, as it is only 2GB, whereas the installation was like 2.8 or so.

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