Windows 7 Help With Windows 7 Network Icon


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My W7 system tray network icon "normally" shows a terminal with a wired network symbol in the upper left corner of the terminal and nothing in the lower right corner. It has shown a yellow exclamation ! symbol in the lower right corner of the terminal, I know that means "no service". It has also shown a red X covering the terminal, I know that means "no connection". Can someone please speak to the meaning of a blue ball symbol in the lower right corner of the terminal? Everything appears to work as usual when this blue ball is displayed and so far after doing a system restart the network icon always returns without any indicator in the lower right corner. If all this is documented somewhere can someone please point me in the right direction? My configuration is Windows 7 Pro-64, current maintenance. Lenovo T500 laptop with Intel 82567LM Gigabit Adapter. Road Runner High Speed via Netgear WNDR3400 router/switch and Motorola Surfboard 5101. TIA for any help received.
Bob Helms
If you're referring to what I call the blue circle symbol it is shown whilst establishing the connection.
Yes that "blue circle" is what I'm referring to. If it does indicate "establishing a connection" I'm trying to understand why it does not go away after establishing a connection and using multiple web sites? I'm also wondering who / what is responsible for displaying it in the first place and also to turn it off after an obvious connection has been established. I'm still searching for doc that explains the workings of the Windows 7 network icon. Thanks for the reply.