help with windows xp mode needed

Hi --

I installed windows xp mode on my new laptop and have been trying to install a program that runs on xp but in xp mode it won't read off the DVD drive. Any ideas? This is very frustrating as I upgraded to professional to use the xp mode and to be able to use these older programs.


Hi there,

In XP Mode, what letter is the DVD drive assigned as? Does it have the same drive letter assignment in Windows 7?


Windows Outreach Team

That was it!

Thanks so much for your reply. Sure enough, the assignments were different and once I knew that, the rest was simple. Thanks again!!!:razz:

Of course, I'm glad you got it fixed :) For the sake of future readers, would you be willing to give just a quick run through of your solution?


Windows Outreach Team

Here's how it worked

Once it was suggested to me that the drive names might be different in xp mode and Windows 7 mode, I checked on xp mode by clicking my computer and found that instead of being E:, it was D:. So I double clicked on the DVD drive D and proceeded to install the program according to the directions on the disk. Piece of cake, thanks to the help.:redface:

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