Vista is making me nutty! I love everything about it, except for the fact that i keep losing my windows!! I will be rightr in the middle of something, and w/ the click of the mouse, the window disappears, and opens another window. It will do that, or go back and forth from mini to maxi!
I saw in another post that someone said "this is a bump", but i have no clue what that means. Can someone please help me?


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Hi, 'Bump' usually means raising a thread's profile by returning it to the top of the list of active threads in a forum. This is done by posting any kind of reply to that thread. As to your problem.. What part of the desktop are you actually clicking on? Or is it just when the mouse is clicked? Also what type of mouse is it? Maybe new drivers might help? More info please.

Thank you for clarifying the "bump". I am using a laptop, so my mouse is the touch screen. The problem happens at random times. When I'm selecting something, when I'm just clicking on the page to scroll down.......... it doesn't happen w/ the actual button clicks, just when I tap the touch screen.

You know, I remember there being an automatic update of my SYNAPTICS PS/2 PORT TOUCHPAD driver, and now that you mention it possibly being a device issue, my problems did start around the same time. I've just rolled back the driver, and will let you know if that fixed the problem.
thank you so much!! (hopefully, anyway)


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If this does not work for you, you can download the latest Synaptics driver for your computer from their website. This also includes some software that's supposed to make your pointer device work better:

Synaptics :: Drivers

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