Alright I really need some help!

Here's the situation.

I start my computer up and it goes to the regular screen. I put in my password and it just goes in circles forever and won't log in.

It will log in with the safe mode (how i"m accessing the internet now) but won't let me log into my normal account.

PLEASE HELP!!! If ever I need a computer it's currently!!! Please help!!!!!

I don't believe so. It's a new computer. I haven't had it but 2 weeks. I've put some new programs on but they've all been working fine and i have had zero problems with this in the past. 2 weeks.

Well I'm back into my account here is what I did...

I ran the find and fix a problem in the system and security. It said super fetch was not enabled. I found out how to enabled it and did.

Then I went to create a dummy account and couldn't figure out how to, so I took the password off my admin account and logged off, restarted and logged me straight in...

I'm not sure if the problem is patched, but at least I can use skype and everything else seems to run fine.

I reset password, and I ran find and fix again and all seems to be fine...

Could Superfetch have been the problem?

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