Here is something that drives me crazy in Windows 7!!!


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In responding to another post here I ran a search for .BMP files in my User folder.

The search found the files in C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\Default Pictures

But when I look in C:\Users\...
There is no All Users folder!

I have show hidden files and folders checked and I have hide protected operating file unchecked so why can't I find the folders that the search engine finds when I look in Windows Explorer?

This is only one example I have run into this sort of thing often.


It's's mine in the screenshot (my Windows is on D is the only difference.) I dunno, you could try disabling UAC and then reboot as a test. (UAC is the worst IMHO and unnecessary when other security measurements are in place, like A/V.)



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Not sure Mike, as TG says, it's there on mine. Double check your ticks as you descirbed and make sure they are infact applied and of course refresh your view just in case.
Also when you perform the search, right click the result and choose "open file location" just to make sure what the search is finding is in fact the folder you expected to find with the appropriate directory path location


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I do have the UAC disabled and I don't really need to find these files.

I was just trying to figure out where they are stored but my point is I keep running searches using Locate32 and finding things I can't see in Windows Explorer.

Actually when I ran the search of my Users Folder using Locate32 it found 83 .bmp files.

When I ran the same exact search using the search function in Windows Explorer it found only 26 of them!

What's going on here?


The ones not found by Windows aren't indexed, based on your default or changed user rules for indexing.

Locate32 finds everything.

If you want Windows to find everything, go to the highest folder you're concerned with, or to where ALL drives are shown, in Windows Explorer. Then use the search in the top right of the screen instead.


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I'm using the search in the upper right.
How do I make it find everything?

I select the C:\Users folder so that it is highlighted and shows as the address at the top.

Then I type .bmp in the search window. I've tried it without the dot as well.
I tried *.bmp and it only found 25 files, with out the star it finds 26.

Maybe I have changed some setting at some point that I'm not aware of?



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Hi again

I'm still having this problem, this morning I needed to find a .jpg file that is in a folder in a program directory with folders containing a lot of textures etc.

I didn't know the name of the file so I wanted to look at all the .jpg files.

When I ran search for the extension it said no .jpg files.
I switched to Locate32 and did the search and it said no jpg files as well.

I clicked on a folder full of .jpg files and ran the search and both searches said that there were no .jpg files.

I don't know what's going on the files are there in plain site in Windows Explorer.

Anyone have any ideas.


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