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Once again someone has checked the box that says, "Do not ask me this question again." when presented with the, "Do you want Windows to remember this password?" dialogue. How do I re-enable it in this flavor of Windoze? I did the Tools - Internet Options - Content - Autocomplete - Settings and made sure the proper boxes were checked. Restarted the browser, nope. Restarted the Windows Explorer, nope. Restarted the computer, nope. Sill not working.

Windows 7 Ultimate RC 1 Build 7100
Windows Internet Explorer 8.0.7100.0


Totally dry? Nothin' at all?


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It's in the registry, give me a while

I'm not positive this is the one, but backup the registry key before making the change.

Open regedit and navigate to :

In the right hand pane create a new String Value and name it AutoSuggest ad give it a value of yes.

also create a new String value named Append Completion and give it a value of yes

Reboot you compyuyer.

If a;ll these fail, open Internet options and click the Advanced tab, then the Reset button.

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