Windows 7 Heroes of Might & Magic III has stopped working

Hi people. I'm new in here, and my knowledge about computers are quite limited - therefore I need your help :)

I just got HoMM3 + the 2 expansions from a Torrent (since my old HoMM3 CD broke) - and its said that the game should work just fine after it has been extracted to a folder.
Now i'm trying to get it to work on my laptop which has got Windows 7 Proffesional on it.

Right after i click the HoMM3 icon it goes into a black screen and a message appears, saying "Heroes of Might & Magic III has stopped working".

Now i really hope someone could help me fix the problem, cause i'd be really surprised if the game couldnt run on my laptop, although i won't necesarrily dismiss that option.

My computer:

Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N270 @ 1.60GHz 1.60 GHz
Installed Memory (RAM): 1,00 GB
System Type: 32-bit Operating SYstem

Computer: Compaq Mini 110
Model# 110c-1011SO

- I hope that's enough.
I'm not quite sure what DirectX i'm running with but i guess that's no problem?

I hope you can help me out! I'd love to have this classic game on my lap for some time killing :)

Thanks alot in advance!

// Glenn Petersen @ DK

For the record: I've tried almost every compatability mode - with no luck unfortunately.

Bump? lol

Oh i see! Yeah that could very well be the problem.

Thanks alot for taking time for this :)

Let's see if I recieve other replies confirmiring your theory :)

Again, thanks for replying!

-Glenn Petersen

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