Hi Guys - need you expert advice


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I had installed windows 7 in my lap, and it was working fine and i was able to execute .exe file from the run dialog box.
offlate i am not able to run any .exe files from the run dialog box.
however if i try to run the .exe file from the windows explorer i am able to run.

any idea what could be wrong?



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If you can use Windows Explorer to launch the executables, why use the run dialog? But if you insist, make sure that you are:

1) Using an administrator account, with sufficient privileges to the .exe you are trying to launch
2) Typing the full path to the .exe file you are trying to launch


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I don't understand why you could do it in the first place, but it has since stopped. But using either the "Run" box or Windows explorer, seems like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut. If they are i.exes from installed programs, are they not in the start menu? But, if you want to, Try this:
In the case of the .exes you wish to open, find them in Windows explorer. Right click them and drag to the System32 Folder. On the prompt, create a shortcut. For example Blather.exe, dragged to System 32 as a shortcut, becomes Blather.exe - shortcut. If I now type Blather in the RUN box, it executes.