Hi I Have A Realy Bad problem and realy i need your help

Hi It's my first post in this forums , well i have two problems

first : when i was playing my game driver SF my windows is suddenly freeze and no responding i click alt + tab and back again it's take a few seconds and come back to work it's happen all the time with all windows software and programs i really

Second : i was have a weak antivirus Microsoft ess. and it's suddenly too stop working and i get bit-defender total security and i found alot of virus in my pc soo i clean it up but something strange happen i was have antiarp program to protect my internet and it's stop working error code 1017 and when i try to re-install it blue screen show and say it's a physical memory dump and untill now i can't install it

really need fast solutions please :confused::confused:

Windows was unable to load the registry. This problem is often caused by insufficient memory or insufficient security rights.

DETAIL - The system has attempted to load or restore a file into the registry, but the specified file is not in a registry file format.
for C:\Users\ahmed\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\\UsrClass.dat

What The Mean of this , that's appear in event viewer


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Those messages are usually hard for a non-programmer to understand. I do not know if there is a file that is tied to that registry hive or the .dat file you show is having a problem.

If you have not had a successful reboot, try booting into the Windows Recovery Environment and do a "Last Known Good" recovery, which replaces the current registry with the last one that was able to boot your system.

Is there any more specific info in the Event Viewer Message... Sometimes the GUID numbers and what they are used for can help.

Virus situations are hard to work out. I think most of use would run, just to check, more than one program. Malwarebytes seems to be a good free one for just checking your system. Some Anti-Virus programs can cause there own problems if not set up correctly for your situation. But something may be missing or corrupted on your system.


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Hey Ahmed: Your message is kind of confusing, but the first thing I would do after what Saltgrass suggested is to disable your "Game SF" driver (I don't know what game you play that requires this particular driver), and see if you encounter the same problems task-switching between regular programs such as INTERNET EXPLORER and say MICROSOFT WORD, or even NOTEPAD. If you cannot do this basic task switching, then your "GAME SF"
driver could be causing contention with your Video Card driver, and your registry could be corrupted; or your video channel could be experiencing difficulties with a poorly written API interface between the "Game SF" driver and the Video card driver. There are many possibilities here.

Also, since you mention you are having possible virus problems, the external scan can identify and potentially repair any Malware (virus or spyware) damage. I recommend you also scan with TrendMicro's Housecall (another very reliable external malware scanner; free at www.trendmicro.com). If you scan with both Malwarebytes & Housecall and find no viruses, then you most likely are dealing with a corrupted Windows7 registry and you will either need to do System Recovery or a complete Windows7 reload in order to correct the problem.

If results from Malwarbytes or Housecall find 1 or more actual viruses on your computer, you then need to use either or both programs to attemtpt a "REPAIR" of any and all infected files. If the REPAIR option fails, which often occurs on stubborn viruses, you can attempt to move those files to the
"QUARANTINE" or "VIRUS-CHEST" areas with the "safe-zone" of the Malware program (Malwarebytes or Housecall) and they keep those files from infecting your computer further. The problem with that is if your Game driver software drivers contain viruses, your Game software will no longer run on your computer; but you may solve the ability of your Windows7 to perform task-switching between different programs.

You didn't mention whether your computer is a desktop or a laptop, but if it's a desktop you can swap out to a new or different video card (or borrow one from a Gaming friend). If the problem goes away, this could mean you experienced a coincidental hardware failure on your video card and it needs to be replaced.

Also, you mentioned your were using an "Antiarp" program to protect your computer while on the Internet. This is not a standard computer term; if you are not running either a software FIREWALL program or a hardware FIREWALL (such as a Router or Gateway), then ditch the "Antiarp" program. If this is a poorly written security program written by some guy working in his garage or through college, that could be causing your apparent virus problem. Replace that with something reliable such as Norton Personal Firewall or an Internet Security Suite program such as Norton, McAfee, or Avast which contain reliable Personal Software FIREWALL programs. If the mutli-tasking problem continues (your problem #1), and external virus scans don't identify any viruses on your computer (your problem #2), you can at least rule out any firewall-internet related problems.

By the way, when you said you used "bit-defender" did you mean Microsoft Defender? If you did, be aware that Microsoft Defender is a good but not adequate protection mechanism for your computer on the Internet. Microsoft Windows Essentials is the next-generation replacement for the Microsoft Defender program, but many of my Customers bring me computers with bad virus damage that seemed to penetrate the MS Windows Essentials security perimeter. As the MS Widows Essentials is free, is does not have the robustness of professional security programs such as Norton, McAfee, Avast, etc. Those companies charge money for their programs but they work much better. Sometimes you have to pay for better protection, but the extra cost is worth keeping your computer running.

Good luck with your problem. Feel free to give me some answers to some of my questions, and I can give you some more guidance here in the forum.


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