Hi. Intro.


I joined this forum today. Here's my intro. I think you know me if you're at Microsoft Corporation. I was a little boy from Maldives who used to talk to Mr. Bill Gates about computers when PCs were new. I was sitting at a computer at work about 4 years back and started recalling Mr. Gates after my first project. (I got hired in 2010 after graduating from a local degree at the Maldives National University and my first project was a web project at work).

I also had some friends at Intel including CEO Brian Krazanich. The PC that I'm using reminded me of him. I thought that I should reach you. I want to build a processor and write software. The processor is the one that I used to talk about during the 80s? Anyone from Intel? It took about a year to get the diagram back. Anyone interested?

Education is too costly. So I want to get it from someone generous. I need a person generous enough to set up a lab here in the Maldives through our government or businesses in a way that's accessible to me.

Anyway that's my intro. I've been reaching my university for it but they are not responding. Think you can help me?

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