Windows 7 Hi people my Windows 7 looks like Macintosh now

Hi people my Windows 7 looks like Macintosh now, I added a picture preview


Hey its nice

Its nice indeed

How did you get this done?
Please let me know


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I installed this after reading your post.
Pretty neat, cleaned things up a bit and freed up some space on my task bar.


yeah this is preety neat, I love that taskbar

yeah this is pretty neat, I love that taskbar, Sometimes the windows 7 taskbar will pop up on top but that is fine, you can put the windows 7 taskbar on top and unlock it then use autohide feature on Windows 7 taskbar

Why make your computer look like Mac OS X when you can just buy Mac OS X? You need to download Stardock ObjectBar to add a mac-like menu bar on the top, a Mac wallpaper and some Mac cursors as well. As for the dock, it's just RocketDock with the taskbar hidden. Nothing special.

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