Hibernation causing c drive to fill up?


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For about two weeks or so the 31gb c drive on my HP Mini has kept on filling up, sometimes within 20mb of space. I have run disk cleanup and defrag and used CCleaner, but they only free up about 200mb of space at a time, and eventually that gets filled up again. Once I freed up 1gb by restarting my computer, but that also filled up again within a few days. I tried scanning for a virus, but my computer is clean. I have emptied temp folders, the recycle bin, and removed all unnecessary files and programs from the drive, but nothing has helped. I have no idea what is filling up the hard drive.

I have read that using the Hibernate feature too frequently can cause hard drive problems. I use hibernate almost every day when I am done using the computer for the day. Could this be the issue? If so, how can I fix it? Any assistance is much appreciated.


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I don't know for sure, but I thougt there was only one hibernation file.

If you set Explorer to see hidden and system files, do you show a hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys and how large are they?

I do not have any experience with the netbook type computers, so I do not know how much space they need for the OS. But on my Desktop, I could not run Windows 7 and my programs and data with such a small partition.


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Thank you for your reply. I deleted the hiberfil.sys file, but it only freed up 1gb, and I can't find pagefile.sys even when I disable hiding system files. I ran a disk check as well, but that only freed up another 1gb.

I've never had issues with space before on this netbook, even with a 31gb hard drive, so I don't think that the size of the hard drive is the issue.


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Update: After deleting the hiberfil.sys file, even though i still have very little space left on c, it seems that the space I have has stopped "shrinking." Before, the drive would fill up almost 1gb every day. So I believe my problem is resolved, and that I will just have to repartition my hard disk to put more space on the c drive.

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