Windows 7 hibernation files


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Feb 25, 2009
hi...the problem i have is that i can't delete the hibernation files.I use disk cleanup,it shows me i have hibernation files,i check to delete,but after i press delete they don't get deleted.I tried disabeling hibernation and then deleting,but with the same result.
How did you try to disable the hibernation?
Have you tried this?:
. Click Start, All Programs, and then right click on "Command Prompt".
2. From the context menu click on "Run as administrator".
3. If User Account Control prompts you to allow the action, click on Continue.
4. In the command prompt window, type "powercfg -H OFF" (without the quotes).
4. Close the Command Prompt window.

If you then log off, or reboot, you should be able to delete the file.
hmm...this is wierd...i tried this technique...i entered cmd as administrator but it didn't work,but now it did...tnx
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