Hibernation problem - cannot use computer

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    Solved: Hibernation problem - cannot use computer

    for the first time I shut down my computer using hibernation and now the computer doesn't start anymore. When I press the power button, a password prompt comes up. (That's the password prompt I've set up in BIOS, not Windows) Keyboard and mouse are not working. Sometimes it goes so far as to show "Resume from hibernation" on the screen and after that a black screen. Then it locks up.

    I can't enter BIOS. The computer has an older ATX-psu, but I have already tried another, newer one. Doesn't make any difference. The HDD-led is constantly on.

    I don't have a reset-button on the case, if that matters. Any other way to get rid of this problem? Thanks in advance.

    Solved: Reset cmos and all was fine. :)
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