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    I have a Hibernation problem, It's like it since last June when I built the computer and installed windows (From the moment I Installed Windows 7), But it is annoying me now. Everytime I go to hibernate the computer, I doesn't Hibernate, It seems to, but when I push the power button, the computer turns on, and the Bios Screen comes up, like normal. But the comes up the error recovery screen giving me the options:

    Start Windows in Safe Mode:
    Start Windows in Safe Mode with Networking:
    Start Windows in Safe Mode with Command Prompt:

    Start Windows Normally:

    When I select Start Windows Normally the computer boots fine, and I get no other messages.

    The computer is free of Viruses
    I ran CHKDSK and there's no problems
    I ran a Clean Boot without the services and start up items
    Updated the drivers for the Video card and the Audio

    and off course I have SP1 and IE9 because I keep everything up-to-date!

    But it is still doing the same thing!
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    Coming out of hibernation does not show a bios screen.

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