Hibernation Problems with my Laptop

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Software' started by vims213, Feb 4, 2010.

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    Hi guys

    My laptop has been doing some odd things lately which is related with hibernation from Windows 7 Professional

    1st Problem - Whenever I hibernate my laptop, after a few hours it hibernates itself to the desktop. It annoys me since I don't realise that my laptop has been on all night which I don't like. :frown:

    2nd Problem - Whenever I play a game (e.g. Call of Duty - MW2, Racer: Driver Grid), my laptop sometimes hiberates during the game. With COD MW2 (it shows up with a Direct X Error). My Direct X is updated by the way). This only happens if I play on my bed. Also I own a laptop cooler pad so it shouldn't be heating problems.

    Any solutions will be appreciated.


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