HID Imput Service Error 1083 on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

I was wondering if anyone could help me.

A few days ago, I found the media keys on my keyboard stopped working. I tried the keyboard on my laptop, and everything was ok, so reasone dit must be my desktop. I traced the problem to the HID service- on my laptop it was runnig, on my desktop it was not. It is set to start automatically, and when I try to manually start it, it fails and produces error 1083: "The executable program this service is configured to run in does not implement the service." I am now out of my depth, and have no idea how to remedy this problem. Any suggestions?

Any help much appreciated.


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Do you show anything loading during boot that concerns your keyboard. In the case of a Microsoft keyboard, it is itype.exe shown in the startup area of MSconfig.exe

No, nothing on startup. It's a Saitek Eclipse II keyboard; completely plug and play, no extra drivers or software for it.


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On my system the HID service is set to start manually. Seems some install has altered yours.

Since you did not say for sure, if you go to services (services.msc) and first stop the service and then restart, will it start then?

Do you see any warnings or errors in the Event Viewer that might be related?

If the service will not restart, perhaps something is causing it problems and making it shutdown. How many devices do you show as using the service. Usually mice will also be involved, device manager will usually show those. Perhaps one is showing a yellow problem mark.

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Thanks for the help!

I have dug out backups from a few weeks ago and restored from them, and everythiing is (so far) behaving. I checked to see what the HID service was set to and it is still automatic, so quite what has altered or changed I have no idea, but at least things are now working. Thanks again for all the advice!

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