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Windows 7 hidden taskbar - keep it from popping up on mouseover?


New Member
Feb 2, 2009
Is there a way to hide the taskbar so it will not pop up when you mouse over it without actually disabling the start menu? (accessing the start menu via the keyboard windows key rather than clicking.)

I have found a few things via google about hacking the registry to disable the start menu, but nothing on just simply hiding it.

I hope this makes enough sense. lol.


Nevermind, I found a way to accomplish exactly what I wanted to do all along. There is a program available that hides the taskbar, but keeps the start menu. :)

It doesn't pop up on mouseover... you toggle it with shortcut keys.

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that's pretty cool. i kinda have the same problem. when i have VLC player full screen and i go to adjust the volume with my mouse the stupid start menu pops up.
and how do you manage to cycle througt all your programs, msn, games, etc etc?

alt +tab?

.....i love how that looks, but i really love the UI of the live preview, is a time saver for me.
I don't keep anything on the taskbar or desktop anyway. All of my games are on RocketDock, which is set on the lower left side of the screen just above the start menu, and it autohides. All of my other programs are either bound to G keys (I have a Logitech G19 keyboard), or they are in my start menu. If I have multiple programs open, I alt+Tab between them.