Windows 7 High CPU usage - ATI problem?


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I get a high CPU usage scrolling on websites, up to over 50%. Especially this forum scrolls very slowly / jerky. This happens both in IE and firefox.

I see some event 500 (Graphics subsystem resources are over-utilized) and 501 (Graphics subsystem resources are over-utilized) in the performance log, so I suspect the culprit to be the ATI board. I am using the latest drivers.

The system is a laptop 2.8ghz 4 gb ati mobility radeon 3650. I see the same problem on a Dell laptop with a ATI HD 3200 getting a CPU usage over 70% scrolling on

Any ideas?
You said your using the latest drivers.. which one's Windows Vista or Windows 7? If you using the latest Vista one's than I'd suggest trying the latest Windows 7 driver's or vice versa if your using the latest Windows 7 one already.. Just make sure to uninstall whichever one your currently using prior to installing a new one.. ;)

What is your exact Video Card Model? :) Also, you might want to take a look at what processes are running in task manager.. It does sound like a gpu problem but it wouldn't hurt to check that as well.. ;)
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Thanks for the quick reply. I am using the Windows 7 drivers, had tried the Vista drivers too but same problem.
Video card is a ATI Mobility Radeon 3650 and on the other machine a ATI Radeon HD 3200.