HIGH DPCs and Power service


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I am on a hunt for the cause of HIGH DPCs.
I systematically disabled services until my DPCs were absolute max 643us.
They had been around 9ms max.
The service was POWER.
Can anyone rationalize this for me?
What does POWER do? It doesn't seem to have any dependencies or needs.
All I could find says POWER needs to be running but why is it creating high DPCs?

Another possible link is that prior to this when I put sys to sleep, it woke up somewhat confused.
It ran but some programs didn't run very well and I had to RESTART.

Win 7 x64

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I hope someone comes along that understands what you are talking about, because I don't...:eek: What are DPCs and is this related to sleep/hibernate?


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Sorry, but bcarrol is correct.
Deferred Procedure Calls. There are a lot of posts around the inet for all OSs.
But I have been running the DPC latency program for over 2 hours and it is still 643 max
and it never got past 30sec when it hit 9 MS before I disabled the POWER service.

It indicates that the POWER service is interrupting the CPU and the CPU is not able to process the interrupt properly such that the DPC time is always below 1MS.

SOOO, I need to know about the power service if I am aver to figure this out.



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Since I have no experience with your subject, about all I can do it throw this out. Maybe there is something here you can use.

Open an Administrative Command Prompt and type powercfg /?

The listing of options may be useful.

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