Windows 7 High Frequency warning

It happened second time-in the game-I suddenly get black screen and it said : Hign Frequency
then I see something which reminds meny for screens for few seconds in the center of black screen and then I have to re-boot computer.
My screen runs on recommended :
1280x1024 / 85 Hz

As I understand there is something in program which prompts the running game to use higher frequency , which brings conflict .
I don't remember having such on XP an Vista.But since I got it twice in few days on Win 7 I must try to locate the source
of it and fix it somehow.


P.S. Could this have anything to do with desctop aerial backgrounds?
I ask it because I got promt to disable aero theme and revert to Win 7 basic background

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I feel you may be diagnosing the mesage wrongly, Have you tried lowering the frequency to, say 75 0r 72?

No but I can try .It was system anywhere ,which put 85 Hz,not me


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Was this=s an "clean" install or and upgrade?

It happened again it said wrong frequency I had frequency 75Gz

It is a clean install


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Could you upload a screeb shty?

Not sure how to do it- upload dxdiag? :redface:

I have attached it in any case

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No, the exact spot where you receive the massage. Just hit the Printscreen button and save the foll a .jpg.

Now look down below the box for posting and you'll see menage attachments..

Upload it here.

I get black screen and can not printScreen the message.
I think it could be that Monitor/drivers are 32 while my Windows 7 are 64 bit ,but I am not sure.
Only today got it twice.

Is this a Laptop or a Desktop???

If Laptop,, it will need to be serviced by a professional.

If a Desktop....

1. Bad Video Cable or Port = (Most Most Likely)
I would check that the cable is plugged in and connected Securely at both ends
Remove the cable and check that Pins are not bent on either end..

Or the following...

A. Bad Monitor = (Most Likely)

B. Bad Video Card = (More Likely)

C. Bad Video Card Drivers = (less Likely)

This is not a problem with Windows 7 or any software that I can think of.

Connected good
Video card is ATI EAX 4870 DK 1 Gb above medium-to-high
LG T910B (2003)
(February 13, 2004-the date of article with where I took this product info)
MonitorCRT Size

Size : 19"

Tube Type : Flat Face (ez-Flat)

Pitch Size : Horizontal Pitch : 0.20 mm (Pixel Pitch : 0.24 mm)

Mask Type : Shadow Mask (INVAR)

Deflection : 90

Surface Treatment : AGASAR Coating

Dislay Size

Normal : 350 x 262 mm

Full Scan : 365.8 x 274.3 mm


Max Resolution : 2048 x 1536 / 61Hz

Recommend Resolution : 1280 x 1024 / 85Hz

H-Scanning Frequency : 30 ~ 98 kHz

V-Scanning Frequency : 50 ~ 160 Hz

Pixel Frequency : 203 MHz

One thing is that this thing happens during online-gaming ,but it happens in two different online games,while it did not happen
on my old XP stationary and reserve laptop with Vista .Maybe I have to change the monitor.For now I reduced resolution and
frequency to 60Hz

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Well,, You might check the Catalyst Drivers to see if it is using specific settings profiles for specific games.
I know you can setup profiles for apps and games,,, maybe the settings in the catalyst drivers are setting your Monitor Res and Freq too high or to something incompatible?


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I get black screen and can not printScreen the message.
I think it could be that Monitor/drivers are 32 while my Windows 7 are 64 bit ,but I am not sure.
Only today got it twice.
Where are you reading that information? Monitors are normally run on generic drivers, unless they are special useage. What are the specs and make of yours?
In system information, the return on hardware will usually say 32Bit. This is normal and should not be a reason for the problem.

Many old monitors don’t support 1024×768, or greater, at a refresh rate greater than 60Hz, have you tried setting this resolution at a frequency of only 60 Hz, if your monitor is an old CRT monitor. You could try this:

1. Boot in VGA mode by keep pressing F8 key during boot-up, and selecting safe mode.
2. Un-install the display driver
3. Set the display settings to a supported value
4. Restart, the OS will reinstall the display driver and settings which your monitor supports.
5. Restart again and see if the problem is fixed. But:
If you have a more sophisticated monitor, it could well need its own drivers?? Are there no particular adjustments on the monitor itself?

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