Highlight + Scroll not working in Explorer

I'm trying to select multiple files in a long row of files, to do this I drag a selection box to select all of the files I want. The problem is that I can't scroll with the mouse wheel while either of the mouse buttons is held down, or at least not outside of the library.
The 'library' sub-folders are the only locations in explorer that this still works in (it works everywhere else, like browsers).

Recently installed QTTabBar and Classic Shell, I also ran four .bat/registry files Enable_Windows_7_Explorer_Auto_Arrange.bat/Disable_Windows_7_Explorer_Auto_Arrange.bat

After uninstalling the two programs and running the Disable files, I still can't select and scroll in folders outside of the library.

I don't think it's my mouse either because, as I said, I can do it in the libraries and the browsers; and I have a Wacam Bamboo Tablet which let's me click and after clicking with it and trying to scroll with the mouse, it still doesn't work.

Can anyone help me with this, if not, would it help if I upload the .bat files?

I kind of found out what the problem was.

Auto Arrange does some things to HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags\
The enable and disable .BATs both start off by deleting it, but disable add some keys in after they're deleted.
Even after using enable and then restarting computer the disable keys are re-added for some reason.

My Solution was to just create a new account and export these keys into my account to fix it .
Thanks for the help :tongue:.

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