Home (2 PC) LAN (only for file sharing, voice chat and gaming) not working (Unidentified Network)

I've 2 PCs in my house both connected to a LAN switch (Encore ENH905-NWY). Both the PCs have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 installed. One has Realtek RTL8168B and another Realtek RTL8168C. I'm not a networking person and have less knowledge on networking, LAN, internet.

When I switch on the LAN Switch device, it shows that both the wires are connected properly. Then I get the network sign with a yellow triangle on it. Then I click it and managed to change the IP, subnet and default gateway somehow. IP in one PC is and the other has Both have subnet and default gateway But I get the Unidentified Network. The ping works and we can even chat and send files from VyPress Chat. Remote Desktop connection also works. But I don't know how to share files like I used to do it in XP. (Just copy contents to the shared folder).

I just want to enable the LAN for LAN multiplayer gaming, file sharing + transfer and voice chat. I don't want internet connection because I've a USB modem which does the work. But when I connect to the internet through the modem, the LAN connection goes out. I don't want this to happen.

I've recently installed the driver on one of the PCs and still get the unidentified network (public network).

I've a game (Armagetron Advanced) which I can play with LAN. If I open a server in PC1, PC2 can see it but if I open the server in PC2, PC1 can't see.

I need help, please.

Nobody there to help? I'm in trouble. I managed to keep the LAN connection there while I'm connected to the internet through the dial-up modem. But the LAN doesn't work. The ping works, (ping, the ip of the other pc). But I can't connect or chat with that pc with VyPress Chat. Please help


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I am not really the person you need, but it has been some time since you posted.

I saw someone the other day with a Gateway address like you have, which is out of the ordinary, and they had set up a proxy server, which caused problems. Did you specifically set the default gateway/DHCP server to that address (.2.5)?

Do you know about the ipconfig command? You could use it to get a listing of your assigned IP addresses with and without the modem working to see what might be changing.

ipconfig /all > %userprofile%\Desktop\ipconfig.txt

Copy and paste this into a command prompt window (right click and paste) and use the paperclip on advanced replies to attach the resulting .txt files. Zip prior to attaching if you want, and scan for any personal info you may not want known.

Are you using the same workgroup?

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