Home Network setup


I have 5 computers at home and one printer. All machines are windows 7. I would like to network these together and have a seperate storage device. What I plan to do is buy a router and plug all the machines into that. Then I would like to plug a usb storage device into the router so that all the machines can access the data that is stored on there. Finally I would like to plug the printer into the router so that all the machines can share one printer.

Please can you tell me if this simple solution will work? What would i need to do to ensure they all can access the storage device?

Many Thanks

If the router will accept a USB storage device, you may need to set permissions up on the router for the computers to access it.

along with Rikai excellent advice, you need to make sure that the router you getting supports more than one usb device...meaning it has more than one usb port. Other wise just set up printer on main PC and set it to share and let all other PC's use it that way wired and wirelessly. That's the way I have my printer setup.

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