Windows 7 Home Networking Win 7 computer to Vista computer


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Feb 6, 2009
Hello folks, I could do with a bit of help here.

I have two computers connected by ethernet LAN through a router. Both computers can see each other and I can access files on the Win 7 computer from the Vista computer, but athough the Win 7 computer sees Vista it won't let me connect. It produces a Windows Security box where I am required to 'Enter Network Password' and it has a User name box and a Password box.

Now - there is no network password. I have:-
  • unjoined homegroup
  • Set all the defaults in the network and sharing centre's advanced settings to let me through, including turn on file-sharing and turn off passwords. ( Someone kindly gave instructions in an earlier posting)
  • Restarted the computer
  • Still no joy
Any ideas anyone?

If you have a user name and password set up on your other machine you will need to enter that user name and password when it asks for the network information.


Thank you for your help. I posted this some time ago and the problem is resolved since I upgraded the Vista computer to Windows 7. Homegroup has solved all the problems.
This thread can now be closed from my point of view.