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    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently working on producing some home server video tutorials for the site. The first part of which can be found:


    Currently, time is not allowing me to continue this adventure, however, I am getting close. I have a lot on my plate outside of this project, but I'd like to see some feedback from those who may use Home Server, or have experience running and managing servers. This would help with those videos. Overall, the video series will probably be done in 1 or 2 more videos, showing how the Connector software works to establish a connection with Windows Home Server, and also what features are available. Not many people are using Home Server, but it seems a worthwhile goal to show exactly what this OS is all about.

    I am about 1/6th in to the next video, but I can't continue production on it until at least tomorrow evening most likely. I think the next video could be completed by tomorrow, for those who are interested.

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