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    So I built a new computer and am running Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit) and have been plagued by problems since day 1.

    First, I have updated all drivers for all hardware (motherboard, video card, etc.), and have run memtest on both sticks of memory both together and separately (no errors after 10 passes). I continue to get Event ID 41's every hour or so, sometimes much longer (24hrs+) and sometimes much shorter (every 10 minutes). I can't attribute the BSOD's to a specific action on my part and I'm just looking for other ideas.

    Attached is the event id's and a screenshot of my specs.

    Thanks for the help!

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    When you check event viewer, you can double click the error and get an event properties dialog box. That gives the non-geek explanation of the error. Can you attach a picture of that using the snipping tool?

    I do not know off hand what an error 41 is.

    At the bottom of the window, there is also an "Event Log Online Help" link. Have you gotten anything back from there.

    There are also mini-dumps made if your system blue screens for some reason. Some folks here can read those but you need to zip it and attach.

    I can also tell you the Nvidia 9800 video card has shown up a few times with problems, but not sure why. Watch out for Microsoft hardware updates. A video driver they put out once messed up my system.

    Unplug anything you do not need. Does it happen in safe mode?
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