Homegroup Icon

Can some kind person tell me how to stop the Homegroup Icon coming up on my desktop,sometimes it is not there for a couple of weeks then it suddenly reappears i do not have a Homegroup has I only have the one laptop,I have got fed up with it popping up in the middle of my icons.running Windows 8.1.Thank you for any help.greyhound


Noob Whisperer
Haven't seen this one for a while.
Back when I had it happening from time to time, I would just right click a blank area of the desktop and click "Refresh" and it would just go away.
Not sure that, that will work for you but it might be worth trying.

Trouble thanks for that,yes it worked just got to wait and see if it comes back on next boot up.greyhound


Noob Whisperer
Probably not on next boot, but it may very well re-appear.
That technique will generally always dismiss it.

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