Homegroup Problem IPv6

I have installed Windows 7 on my PC and laptop.

One problem I have though is that I have created a Homegroup on my PC, I have a password and all seems fine, but on the laptop it does not recognise that there is a Homegroup on the network.

If I try to create a Homegroup on the laptop I get the message: "Your network connection must have IPv6 enabled to create or join a homegroup. To enable IPv6, start the HomeGroup troubleshooter."

The thing is, I DO have IPv6 enabled!!

Any ideas?

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Joe S

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Did you create Homegroup on the laptop too? If not try that. I didn't mess with home group.

I was reading about this and several people said that disabling ipv6 would likely cause problems

If you google Ipv6 you'll find a lot to read. There is a thread here about disabling it.... use the search and try the reverse of what they say disables it.

Thanks for the replies - this has been solved.

My laptop was on a different workgroup to the PC. There were a few other things too but I'm not too sure. I had a computer whiz look at it and he solved it.

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