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I have two computers on my network, one running Windows 7 home premium and one running Windows 7 ultimate. Both computers are wired to my our router which is a Netgear wgr614 v9. I have already set up a work group and everything works fine, i can see the other computer and view the files in its public folders.

the problem is with trying to set up a homegroup. On 'computer A' I will set up a homegroup and then change the P\W to something easier, I then go to computer B but instead of asking me to join the existing homegroup it asks me to create a homegroup?
this effectively means I end up having two homegroups on the same network.

This is the weird thing, sometimes the other computer will find the other computers homegroup and then let me join :p, but then as a soon as a computer is restarted both the computers can't find each other?, it says their in a homegroup but just doesn't show the other computer.

I have updated both the network adapter driver and still problems. I do have IPv6 enabled. I think the problem may be to do with the router, although Windows compatabilty test say its compatible. I am unable to upgrade the routers firmware as I got it free with Virgin and they dont allow it :mad:

If anyone could help solve this problem it would be greatly appreciated


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If it's any comfort your router according to this is compatible with Win 7 32 and 64bit Windows 7 Compatibility Netgear Netgear 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless Router
One question, do either of your two rigs have multiple Network adapters (either wireless or wired), if so, try disabling the ones that you are not using and see if that provides any more consistency with you homegroup issues. Ipv6 is of course essential for home groups so if you insist on homegroups then you will have to leave it. Personally, if I had a work group environment that was working fine as you said in your original post, I would probably think twice about beating my head against a wall, trying to get homegourps to work. Of course, it's your network environment and I can certainly understand some determination in trying to resolve an issue that should work automagically, but it just seems maybe a step too far if workgroup works fine for you. Just one person's opinion.

Thanks for the reply.
Both computers only have 1 network adapter each so that cant be the problem, it doesn't matter that ones Realtek and the other ones Marvell does it?
An example how its not working was earlier, i created a homegroup on computer A and then went to computer B and it actually found it, i joined and was able to share files. As soon as a computer was restared both computers were unable to see each other:mad:
Anyway after this 'im going to give up trying to them to work because as you say I can just use the workgroup, its just more of an annoyance.


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No the brands, make and model of a particular adapter doesn't matter...they either work or they don't and it appears that yours are working fine. I completely understand the frustration with the disappearing homegroup members and cannot explain the issue. I do know that the one thing that seems to really beat up on homegroups, seems to be a disparity in the systems time and date, if there is too much difference this often causes some issues. And I think that an entire cottage industry has grown around various Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and the word annoyance. It actually keeps all of us quite busy

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