Homegroup problems

Found a few instances close, but not exactly matching my situation.

For the instances which are close, none of the already suggested solutions seem to work.

Here's the specifics.

Have 4 "new" computers (bought in the last year).

I would love to be able to "homegroup" them. Each one runs Windows 7 x 64b, with all updates and such.

Each one of them believes a homegroup already exists and references a name of an old laptop which died in 2009. I have no memory of ever doing a homegroup with this one dead laptop - but I guess someone else in the house may have clicked a few links while I was not looking

Here's the frustrating part, as it happens on all four compuers. Let me foot stop that....all four computers have the same "symptoms". Really leads me to believe this is an OS issue vice a singular computer issue.

I am asked to provide a password for this mystry homegroup ala the 2009 dead laptop.

I have no idea what this could possibly be (have tried all my "stock" passwords to no avail).

Every computer has no option to "see" the password (need to be a part of the mystery homegroup to have this option)

Every computer has no option (that works) to "forget" this mystery homegroup and start from scratch.

Looking through the forums, I believe no solution exists, but am open to suggestions.


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Since one computer is the Master Homegroup, have you set a homegroup up on it? Can you leave the homegroup on the computers so they don't look for one?

I remember a thread where someone had to reset their Homegroup, but I will have to look for it.

In Windows 7 Starter and Windows 7 Home Basic, you can join a homegroup, but you can’t create one.

OMG mate - genius. Fixed now, so simple - thank you!

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