HomeGroup Sees Wrong Location for Public Folders

Hello all,

I have 3 Windows 7 computers set up with a home group. I started by putting all the photos into the Public Pictures folder on one of them so that all pictures for the family would be in one place. This worked great - anybody could add pictures and everyone could see them. However the 'Public Pictures' turns out to be on the C:\ drive which has very little capacity, so I moved it to the D: drive by using the "Move" button in the folder properties (this turns out to be a pain, requiring starting the windows shell in Administrator mode but it seemed to work).

Now comes the problem: the host computer sees everything correctly - the "Public Pictures" folder points to the D: drive location (D:\Public\Pictures) and all is good. I can't find any mention of the old location there. But all the computers in the HomeGroup still see the old location (C:\Users\Public\Pictures). If I add pictures from another computer in the HomeGroup then they go to the old location, not the new. I have restarted all the machines involved and the problem persists.

Why does the HomeGroup see the wrong location for the folder? How can I make it see the right one?

I guess I am just going to undo everything I have done so far and create a junction point, but I would really like to know why this isn't working.

Thanks for any help!



In Windows Explorer - On the left side is the Libraries. Right click on them and choose properties.

Remove and include folders there.

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