Homegroup settings problem - trying to share but doesn't happen

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    Sorry; re-posted this threat to the appropriate forum (Windows 7 Networking). Please reply there. This one can be deleted by an administrator.


    I have 3 desktops with W7 and I successfully set up the homegroup with all three turned on and running. On each computer, I selected all the boxes to share all libraries. However, when I go to the Libraries window and look under Network, I see each computer, BUT, I am finding that only some of the libraries show up, not all. I shut down and restart the computers as I use them. Nothing changes on restarts. What's wrong and how do I fix it?
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    I do not run Homegroups, but as I understand it, you set up a homegroup on one computer and then have the other ones join it. Did that process go OK?

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